Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Pacific Symposium 2008

Dr.Mukaino appears in the Pacific Symposium2008!
Nov 10th
~ Lecture and Workshop
Nov 11th -12th Two day Seminor
~ Two day seminor ~

Lecture and Workshop in Saudi Arabia & Italy

Last Autumu, Dr.Mukaino invited to the Jeddah Clinic Hospital group, Saudi Alabia.

In Italy

北米東洋医学雑誌 North American Journal of Oriental Medicine

The Meridian Test (M-Test) appeared in "The North American Journal of Oriental Medicine".

The Meridian Test: Acupuncture Treatment Based on Assessment of Movement
-Yoshito Mukaino-
1. Introduction
2.Meridians and points and the movements related to the occurrence or exacerbation of pain
3.How to apply the relatIonshIp between movement, merIdIans, and poInts
4.All Meridian Test Movements Are Combinations of Basic Movements That Stretch The Meridians and Points
5.A Different Parameter for Assessing Disease
6.Locating Effective Points
7.ApplicAtion of five phAses points to correct AbnormAlities in movement
8.What can be achieved by improving abnormal movements?

For details, please visit the following website