Friday, November 21, 2008


  • Loved the notes.
    -Would like to hear about Mr. Mukaino’s understanding of why these methods work.
    -Would have liked some time spent on needling methods Mr. Mukaino uses.
    -Otherwise, loved the class & the presentation & handouts.
    -I believe I will use this method in the long term.
    Thank you Sensei!
  • Mukaino – sensei
    Thank you for the informative lecture. I appreciate the way you have broken it down into 4-steps.
    In my practice, I use more of a mirror imaging or corresponding channel to determine which points to use and I can see incorporating this too - another useful tool.

  • Thank you so much for coming and presenting. It has helped immensely to have a small set of points to start with on the initial selection.
    The handouts and hands-on assistance was a great help to clarify movements and selections.
    Thank you for your patience and extra explanations.
    Your assistants were a great help.
    Thank you for helping with treatment options where traditional basic methods don’t create a huge shift in pain and movement.
    I hope you will be able to come back to teach us more.

  • This course was very well conducted. There was ample time to observe methods demonstration and practice on each other. Observing live treatment very useful review of case from clinic very good.
  • Thank you Mukaino-san for a wonderful seminar. I enjoyed its practical applications, ease of point selection, and your clear, easy to understand explanations. The handouts you gave were very helpful, and the M-test booklet, also. I don’t have any areas of improvement as a suggestion, but there are some characteristics of this system that may be difficult to work with. For example, it would be difficult to simultaneously handle a 300lb patient and touch a point or lift his/her limbs, especially if the doctor is small. Also, I’d like to know how effective this system would be for chronic / degenerative / mental / emotional issues. This seminar has been enlightening (using 5-phase points) and I would highly recommend it to other practitioners.
  • Great subject, and taught very well.
    Translator is doing excellent job.
    Slides and PowerPoint presentations are great.
    Perhaps a bit more practical time, and going around to double check what we are doing.
    Thank you for coming to P.C.O.M. Symposium.
  • Thank you very much, the seminar was extremely informative.
    The color handouts were useful and much appreciated. I would suggest handing out many M-test check-up lists so we have a fresh one every time we practice with a partner doing an assessment.

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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sports Acupuncture



Thank you for your joining our seminor & Workshop in Pacific Symposium

Thank you for your joining our seminor & Workshop in Pacific Symposium!