Saturday, August 8, 2009

Visitor from USA (8/7-8)

Aug 7th - Aug 8th, 2009, Fukuoka University Hospital

Dr. Suhu from New York visited to see Dr. Mukaino’s practice at Fukuoka University hospital.
He attended Dr. Mukaino’s two days seminar at Pacific Symposium 2008 in San Diego last year and has been practicing M-test since then.
He seemed to be very impressed that M-test can be effective for various cases as well as sports injuries.We also had a chance to know what kind of cases he has been treating in his practice.
Dr.Suhu, thanks for your coming all the way from the States..
Hope to see you again!

(Dr.Sufu's friend, Dr.Suhu, Dr.Kubota, Ms.Morinaga and Dr.Mukaino)

Visitor from Korea (7/31-8/1)

July 30th - Aug 1st, 2009, Fukuoka University Hospital
Oriental Korean medical doctor Lee visited together with his wife who is also Korean herb doctor again.
He is really interested in M-Test method and therapy. And he is using it in his clinical practice.

And also Ms.Morinaga is staying to study M-Test for a month from the UK.
(Dr.Lee, Ms.Lee, Dr.Mukaino, and Ms.Morinaga)